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Dec 09, 2022 | EVENTS

Winter Holidays

The chilly winter month of December is filled with celebrations, parties, and holidays all around the world. Some are filled with solemn traditions while others focus on fun and frolic. 

Hanukkah: While the exact dates change every year, this is an eight-day Jewish holiday. Those who celebrate light a special candle holder called a menorah. They do this to remember an ancient miracle in which one day’s worth of oil burned for eight. 

Winter Solstice: This year the winter solstice takes place on December 21st, which will be the shortest day of 2022. People all over the world celebrate with festivals and celebrations. 

Christmas: This Christian holiday is celebrated annually on December 25th. In the US the holiday centers around spending time with family and exchanging gifts. Festivities in Ireland tend to be more religious, and celebrations last until the 6th of January. 

Kwanzaa: A holiday based on ancient African harvest festivals which celebrate the ideals of family life and unity. Celebrated from December 26th through January 1st. 

No matter what holiday, or holidays, you celebrate, we wish you a very happy, healthy, safe, relaxing, and fun holiday season! Happy holidays!