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Dec 03, 2022 | EVENTS

Bring an Army of Armchair Detectives to A Christmas Murder-Mystery Dinner on December 17th

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to gather around the table for a meal with the ones you love? And if you happen to solve a murder mystery along the way—a holiday-themed one, of course—then all the better for family bonding. A Christmas Murder-Mystery Dinner at Olive Grove Restaurant & Lounge allows for this unique type of multitasking.

On Saturday, December 17th, its main dining room transforms into Christmas Town. True to its name, this little hamlet oozes holiday spirit. And on this magical evening, the entire town has gathered to partake in its holiday traditions. A locally famous author has even returned to her hometown to document the activities. There’s just one thing: a murmur of discontent among the townspeople, something about changes coming to Christmas Town. And then, an unexpected murder. As you and your crew tuck into dinner, professional actors will invite you to play along with them as the murder mystery unravels. The hope is the perpetrator will be in handcuffs before the New Year (or by 9 p.m. when the dinner concludes).