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Oct 01, 2022 | EVENTS

A Real-Life Haunting Bolsters the Creepy Atmosphere at Laurel’s House of Horrors

Haunted houses are typically contrived based on a set of Halloween cliches. Laurel’s House of Horrors is the real deal. That’s because it wasn’t built as a haunted house—it actually started as a movie theater. There was just one problem that drove the business into the ground: this cinema happened to be haunted.

Its original owners set out to confirm their suspicions after having already experienced the paranormal themselves. They invited lauded local ghost hunters to investigate the theater after it had been abandoned, and these experts agreed that something was amiss, something (or someone) from another world was seeping in. Years later, when Laurel’s House of Horrors founders decided to open a haunted house, it really only made sense to do it in this space that already contained paranormal energy. A new theme overtakes the House of Horrors each year with movie-grade sets and seasoned actors setting the stage for an evening full of frights. This year, upon entering the house you’ll step back in time to the 1940s Carlisle Hotel, a place where terrible things unfolded. Don’t be surprised if some of the biggest scares don’t come from the actors at all.