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Aug 02, 2022 | EVENTS

Dig Into Innovative American Pub Fare at Mr. Fries Man

True to its name, Mr. Fries Man specializes in one specific type of appetizer: the golden-brown French fry. Crispy piles of simple fries serve as the foundation for each of the dishes at Mr. Fries Man, but don’t be fooled—these creations are anything but basic. Every stack of fries comes fully loaded with gourmet ingredients to elevate this traditional side dish to entree status.

Take, for example, the popular barbecue bacon-ranch option. You can barely even see the fries beneath layers of crispy fried chicken, crumbly chunks of bacon, and a gooey blend of barbecue sauce, ranch, and cheddar cheese. The honey-garlic shrimp and steak dish puts a surf-and-turf spin on french fries. It features plump, hot shrimp and tender strips of steak tossed in a honey-garlic sauce and dusted lightly with shredded cheddar. Craving Italian cuisine? The chicken-bacon parmesan fries should satisfy that craving. Want something a little more familiar? Go with the chili cheese fries. You’re always welcome to build your own fries, too, starting with a protein (plant-based options are available), followed by your choice of sauce and toppings.