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Jan 28, 2022 | EVENTS

Paint Your Own Pottery at Burning Down the House

Now that we can finally be out and about again, maybe it’s time to invest more time in finding hobbies that don’t involve the couch and Netflix? Not saying there is anything wrong with that, but there are loads of local businesses like Burning Down the House offering unique options to get out and get creative! This paint-your-own pottery studio offers a unique experience that may turn out to be a real passion once you get started. 

The way it works is you pop in for a visit and select a piece of art you’d like to paint! Options range from bowls and serving utensils to plates and mugs to decor items. Then, you choose your paints. One thing many love about this spot is you’re not limited in how many brushes and paints you can take like other similar paint-your-own locations. Once you’ve got your supplies, you create! After it’s painted, your part is done. The studio will glaze it for you, and from there, you can pick it up in a week to start using it in your apartment!

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