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Mar 05, 2021 | EVENTS

What’s Your Favorite Fritter at Laurel Tavern Donuts?

Talk about a hidden gem! Customers describe Laurel Tavern Donuts as one of the best kept secrets they have ever experienced. Great prices, delicious doughnuts, and hot coffee will keep you coming back for more at this quiet, yet popular little doughnut shop located in Laurel, MD.  They offer most of the traditional flavors doughnuts, which includes chocolate glazed, plain sugar glazed, powdered, strawberry frosted, and Boston cream.

Although parking can pose an issue for some, it’s important to know that they do offer a small parking lot located around the back of the shop or if you’re simply making a quick stop, you can just park right on the street. The Laurel Tavern Donut shop is open everyday except Sundays from 6am to 4pm, so get out there and enjoy a delicious sweet treat.