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Feb 23, 2021 | EVENTS

While Away a Mild Winter Day at Granville Gude Park & Lakehouse

Is there anything more revitalizing and refreshing than a big deep breath of chilly winter air? We think not! That’s why a visit to Granville Gude Park & Lakehouse is the perfect activity for these chilly winter weekends. While many want to stay inside their apartment during these colder months, you’re missing out on opportunities for exploration if you don’t venture outside! We promise we’ll keep the apartment warm for you while you’re out.

Granville Gude Park & Lakehouse is a 29-acre park that features just over a mile of trails perfect for a walk or jog, as well as two gorgeous lakes surrounded by recreation options. The Lakehouse offers paddleboat rentals and a concession stand daily in the summer with tons of picnic areas and grills if you want to bring your own food for a little wintry picnic in the off-season. If you’re looking for some friendly competition check out the horseshoe pit and there’s also a playground area for the kiddos.