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Jan 22, 2021 | EVENTS

Tee and John’s Kitchen Serves Nigerian Fare Near The Vine

What do plantains, rice, and fried eggs have in common? Thanks to our newest must-order delivery service, they’re all available right here in Laurel. With experienced private chef Chef John at its helm, Tee and John’s Kitchen offers authentic Nigerian cuisine, filling in a much-needed gap in the local food scene. 

Available for delivery through Uber Eats or DoorDash, Tee and John’s Kitchen originally opened a decade ago in Texas before returning to their “true home” here in Maryland recently. Working as a private chef, Chef John found the opportunity to share his passion for Nigerian foods with Texans and, now, Marylanders. Once you’ve taken your first bites of suya, gizdodo, or plantain fufu, you’ll be hooked. If you opt for a spicy dish, be sure to add a beverage to wash it down—each bite will be flavorful and pack a punch. 

While Tee and John’s Kitchen is a new addition to the Laurel area, there’s a lot of potential on the horizon for this local pocket of Nigerian cuisine. Whether you’ve been counting the moments until you could enjoy ayamase locally or you’re new to Nigerian food, delivery from Tee and John’s Kitchen absolutely needs to go on your to-order list.