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Nov 24, 2020 | EVENTS

Practice Your Poses at YogiSmile, a Yoga Studio and Wellness Center in Laurel

For many people, 2020 has felt like a lifetime. With citizens across the globe glued to news cycles and health guidelines, work-life balances have been disturbed by widespread remote work situations and breaks in education and childcare. Many people find themselves on-edge all too often, with little opportunity to stop, take a breath, and let the tension melt from your neck and shoulders. 

This is where YogiSmile, a yoga & wellness center here in Laurel, can save the day⁠—and maybe even salvage the year. Their affordable classes, both in-person and live-streamed, are available for visitors of all interests and experience levels. These focus on balance, not just in terms of your body, but for your life more generally. From easing anxiety and decreasing stress levels (something no one will turn down after the past several months), you’ll find that your flexibility, posture, concentration, and even mindset get a boost with each booking. 

Because the wellness center’s team is made up of qualified, enthusiastic yoga instructors, you know you’ll be in good hands as you strive for a bit more balance. A trip to YogiSmile can help you to forget about the struggles of life for a while⁠—and you might even leave sporting a smile.