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Nov 25, 2020 | EVENTS

Order Takeout Tonight From Taqueria Los Primos

At the end of May, Taqueria Los Primos was finally able to safely reopen its courtyard for socially distanced outdoor dining. If you’ve been missing the experience of going out to eat, the taqueria has a system in place to keep you safe while you eat al fresco! But you can also continue to grab food for takeout if you prefer.

Either way, your taste buds will be able to experience the authentic Mexican cuisine on the menu at Taqueria lost primos. Try the signature tacos stuffed with cilantro and white onions, per Mexican culinary tradition, plus your choice of meat. You can also dig into a burrito or try something different, like a sopa. The sopa features a fluffy bun instead of tortillas for a totally different culinary experience.