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Sep 20, 2019 | EVENTS

Great News for Residents of The Vine: Our Tide Lockers Are Here!

If you haven’t noticed the new Tide Lockers at The Vine, it’s time to take note. They could majorly change your routine—for the better. Located near our pet spa, these little lockers can save you a trip to the dry cleaner or tailor!

Here’s how they work: Place any piece of clothing you need to be dry-cleaned or altered in an empty locker at any time, day or night—they’re open 24/7. Using the Tide Cleaners app for Android or iOS, enter information about the service you’d like. Then simply sit back and wait. Someone will come to grab the items shortly, and then dry-clean them within about two days or have your alterations completed in about a week. You’ll get a text and email when your clothes are ready to pick up at the lockers!