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Jul 27, 2018 | EVENTS

Summer Cocktail Recipes You’ve Got to Try

Whether you’re hosting a summer party at The Vine or attending a party, get creative with your cocktails. These refreshing summer cocktail recipes are great for any occasion. Grab some friends and head to pool with these summer cocktails.

Sour-Cherry Gin Smash

This cocktail is sure to make you pucker! Made with sour cherries, lime juice, gin and ginger ale, this summer cocktail is a refreshing combo of tart and sweet. Find the full recipe at Country Living.

Sweet Tea Sangria

It’s not summer without some sweet tea to cool you off on a hot day. This simple to make sangria will do just that. Combine white wine, sweet tea, triple sec, frozen peaches and raspberries together and refrigerate. Keep the fruit in the drink when serving for nice garnished look and some added flavor. You can find this recipe at Delish.

Mermaid Lemonade

Be inspired to swim like a mermaid with this yummy rum based summer cocktail. The blue curaçao gives this drink an ocean appearance. Garnish with lime and paper umbrellas for some added fun. This aquatic drink recipe can be found at Delish.

Cucumber-Honeydew Freeze

This unique cocktail requires a bit of an open mind when you see the recipe. But you’ll love how light and cool it tastes on a warm summer day. To make this drink, blend together gin, lemon juice, cucumbers, honeydew melons, ice and honey. Line the rim of your glass with a fennel seed, salt and sugar combo. Check out the full recipe at Food & Wine.

Now that you’ve got some refreshing summer cocktail recipes, it’s time to head to the pool at The Vine for some outdoor fun with friends and family. We hope you spend time this summer relaxing with all of the outdoor amenities The Vine has to offer.

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