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Jul 20, 2018 | EVENTS

4 Tips for Enjoying a Staycation at The Vine This Summer

You don’t have to plan an elaborate vacation in order to take time off work this summer. Make time for you by planning a staycation at The Vine. There’s plenty of ways to unplug and relax when you live at The Vine. Whether you’re wanting to relax indoors or explore outdoors. Spend some time doing what you love without leaving your home this summer.


Vacations are suppose to be relaxing. Make relaxation a priority for your staycation at The Vine. Start by turning the alarm off. You deserve to sleep in. Once you’re feeling refreshed from a good night’s rest, let in some natural light throughout your home. Then have yourself an invigorating shower by using an aromatherapy shower bomb. You’ll feel relaxed and clear minded in your sleek and modern bathroom. Head to the kitchen to have yourself a heart-warming cup of tea or coffee and spend the day enjoying your spacious one, two or three bedroom home.

Make Time For You

Staycations are about focusing on you. Do all of those things you never have time for, like reading or working out. Grab a book and spend time in one of The Vine’s many cozy community spaces indoors or outdoors. Then head to the expansive fitness center to get your full-body workout on. Lift weights, run on the treadmill, or put on a workout video for a biking or barre workout.

Get Outdoors

Feel like you’re at a beach when you visit The Vine’s resort-like pool. Spend the day soaking up the sun poolside or cooling off in the pool. Or grab your bike and head to Maple Lawn town center. There are walking paths that connect The Vine and Maple Lawn so you can get around with ease whether you’re biking or walking. Maybe you spend the day at a park near The Vine. You’re within minutes of Hammond Park and Scotts Cove Recreation Area.

Have Fun

For your staycation at The Vine, stock your fridge with your favorite beverages and foods. Then invite your friends and neighbors over for a get together. If you’re looking for more space to entertain, rent out The Vine’s beautiful clubroom. Your guests will love playing billiards, watching the game and socializing the night away.

Make your staycation at The Vine a chance to enjoy all the features and amenities we have to offer. We hope you take some time off to focus on you and enjoy living at The Vine.

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