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May 24, 2018 | EVENTS

Tips for Hosting a Memorial Day Barbecue at The Vine

Throwing a social gathering like a Memorial Day barbecue is simple at The Vine. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, we’ve got you covered with spaces to cook, play games, lounge and socialize. Here are some tips for hosting a Memorial Day barbecue at The Vine.


Picking the right space for your guests is crucial for making sure everyone is comfortable. Pick a space that give your guests room to mingle, lounge and eat comfortably. The Vine’s outdoor patio has a grilling station with informal table dining nearby and open space so no one’s personal space is compromised.


Once you’ve picked your space, you can begin to decorate. First choose a theme for your decorations. A Memorial Day barbecue could easily be U.S. themed. Purchase patriotic disposable dinnerware to bring the theme to life. Then create centerpieces for the dining tables. Perhaps vases with red, white, and blue flowers. Or maybe jars with colored sand that holds a flag. Get creative and crafty! 


A barbecue wouldn’t be complete without classic American cuisine. Choose dishes that the general group will enjoy and make sure to have options for those with restrictions. Classic barbecue food include a variety of meats, like sausage, pulled pork, burgers and hotdogs. Complementary side dishes could be potato salad, Cole slaw and baked beans. Don’t forget to have plenty of patriotic themed drinks.


Entertainment is key, right behind food, for a barbecue. You’ll want to have plenty of options for guests to choose from. Pick fun indoor and outdoor games that are easy to set up like bocce ball. Have a deck of cards handy for endless entertainment no matter your space.

With The Vine amenities, hosting a Memorial Day barbecue can be stress free. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information on life at The Vine or to schedule a tour.