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Apr 12, 2018 | EVENTS

Plan a Wine Tasting Trip to These Local Vineyards

Spend a weekend touring and tasting wine at these local Maryland wineries, all within 30 minutes of The Vine. Explore what makes each winery unique and learn about their wine making process. You might find a new favorite wine along the way!

Olney Winery

Olney Winery is the perfect spot for wine lovers. Become the winemaker for a day with their make your own wine experience. You’ll get to enjoy the fruits of your labor after bottling your own wine from start to finish. Touring, tasting and purchasing are also welcome.

The Urban Winery

At The Urban Winery, you’ll find generations of tradition passed down through their wine. They offer classes for those looking to become more knowledgeable in wine and wine pairings. Making your own wine is also an experience offered here. Stop in for lunch and enjoy an authentic Mediterranean meal or charcuterie to complement your wine.

Great Shoals Winery at Heyser Farms

Head over to Great Shoals Winery at Heyser Farms where you’ll enjoy a cozy wine tasting on the farm. They source their fruit from local and regional farmers to create hard ciders, wines and sparkling wines. Consider signing up for their Great Shores Wine & Cider Club to receive additional perks.

Make touring these local Maryland wineries your next day trip. Bring a bottle or two back to enjoy in the luxury of your home at The Vine. What wine will you choose to unwind with?

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