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Mar 30, 2018 | EVENTS

Spring Cleaning Your Apartment Home at The Vine

It’s that time of year again. Spring. The season in which warm weather returns, social calendars are packed yet again and we begin to take stock of our lives by cleaning and purging the old to welcome the new. Spring clean your apartment home at The Vine with these simple tips and tricks. Happy spring!

Go room by room

When you begin your spring clean, it’s essential to have a plan. We find it easiest to clean spatially, meaning room by room. Choose to start with your kitchen then work your way to the bedrooms, or vice versa.

Go deep

Deep cleaning your apartment will help you to not only dust off all the old wintry cobwebs, but also will help to prevent illnesses and seasonal allergies as the weather changes. Dust blinds, shelves, light fixtures, vents and moldings then wash windows. Finish off by vacuuming and shampooing your carpets. Or, be sure to wax hardwood flooring. Flip your mattress over for better sleep.

Say goodbye to winter essentials

Winter is over so it’s time to put away your heavy blankets and sweaters. Switch out your winter comforter with a lighter one for spring and summer. Store your winter wardrobe away for next year. Donate or throw away anything you no longer wear or use.

Pay attention to the details

Finish your spring cleaning session by paying some attention to the details. Organize papers, check your smoke detector and clean out the medicine cabinet.

Voila, your apartment home at The Vine is ready for spring.

What strategies will you use to spring clean your space at The Vine? We hope these tips inspire you to live your best and cleanest life this spring in Maple Lawn.

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